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Kansas City MO. 64117

Hrs: M-F 9am. - 5pm. CST. Closed: Sat. & Sun.
we need some time to ride too!

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KC Shoe Repair

5120 NE Antioch Rd
Kansas City, MO 64119-2502

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At a Rally or Event.
Look for the Orange tent.


Bikers-Wear started in 2001.
My wife & I got into this business really to save money on leather for ourselves,when we got back into riding after so many years. Pretty soon, we were ordering leather for our family, then friends, and our ride buddies.  After all that, we figured, heck if we can do it for family and friends and save them all some bucks, why not do it for everybody and let everyone save some green.
 To keep our prices so low, we have our suppliers drop ship everything directly to you. 
Please browse our inventory and let us know if there is anything you're looking for that you can't find.  Next time you're at a show, or shopping under a tent at some rally, think about, are they going to be there for you if there's a problem.
If you have a problem with anything you buy from Bikers-Wear, you know where to find us, Right here at Bikers-Wear.Com.
Thanks again for shopping Bikers-Wear.com
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The Brickyard Tavern
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The Brickyard Tavern
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